SS Square Pipe

Approx ₹ 165/KG

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SS Square Pipe


     Approximate Price : ₹ 165/KG
   Category : Stainless Steel ( SS )
  Min. Order Quantity : 50 KG
    Color : Silver
   Brand : Republic Metals
   Thickness : Custom
   Shape : Square
    Material Grade : SS 316L


→ Square Pipe is used for pressure operations such as moving liquids and gases in processing operations in the water treatment, chemical, petrochemical, food processing, dairy, and marine industries.

→ Stainless Steel Square Pipes is used as handrails, kitchen, legs for office and hospital equipment and as architectural supports.

→ Stainless Steel Square pipe dimensions are nominated by outside diameter indicated by the NPS (imperial) or DN (metric) designator and sometimes referred to as the 'nominal bore' - and wall thickness is determined by the schedule number.

→ A common household manufacturing example is the narrow steel pipe that runs the cooling system in fridges.

→ Construction uses pipes for heating and plumbing.

→ Structures can be built using steel pipe of varying sizes, such as handrails, bike racks, or pipe bollards.


◾ Textile Machinery
◾ Chemicals
◾ Fertilizers
◾ Dairy and Food Processing
◾ Power Plants
◾ Pesticides
◾ Construction
◾ Modern Architecture
◾ Pharmaceuticals
◾ Sugar
◾ Oil and Gas Processing
◾ Water treatment facilities
◾ Desalination
◾ Synthetic Fibers
◾ Pulp and Paper
◾ Breweries
◾ Ship Building
◾ Refinery & Petrochemicals
◾ Energy industries

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SS Perforated Sheet

Approx ₹ 220/SQ FT

SS Perforated Sheet

Stainless Steel ( SS )

    Shape : Rectangle
   Min. Order Quantity : 30 SQFT
    Category : Stainless Steel ( SS )

SS Coil

Approx ₹ 185/KG

SS Coil

Stainless Steel ( SS )

    Shape : Round
   Min. Order Quantity : 1Ton
    Category : Stainless Steel ( SS )

SS Sheet

Approx ₹ 172/KG

SS Sheet

Stainless Steel ( SS )

    Shape : Rectangle
   Min. Order Quantity : 50 KG
    Category : Stainless Steel ( SS )